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Space Situational Awarness

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is traditionally focused on the three fields of natural objects in space crossing the Earth orbit (Asteroids and Comets), artificial (anthropogenic) objects around the Earth (possibly extending to Moon or other planetary orbits) and the electro-magnetic ’storms‘ from the Sun. In the community discourse also the radio link situation is included. Space Analyses adds to the already mentioned topics also the light pollution to complete the situational awareness in the Earth Space system

  • SST – Space Surveillance and Tracking
  • NEO – Near Earth Orbits
  • SWE – Space Weather
  • RF interference / management
  • Light pollution

TThe holistic know-how of Space Analyses includes the points of influence from one interfering topic to other areas and builds a complete picture of the space situational awareness, integrated in analytics and reports.