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Data Analytics

System Design

Space Analyses has designed and implemented systems to process 20.000 measurements gathered all 5 minutes over three years including the processing of the data with multidimensional data analytics, die data base to store and access the data and the generation of multi dimensional reports.

Space Analyses process in a day-to-day cycle the data from the public available orbit data from all catalogued space objects in an all-to-all conjunction analytics in an own designed system to calculate the orbital risk. Over 5 million data of orbital conjunctions are stored in our own data structure.

Space Analyses developed an unique systematic framework to design big data systems to enable multi-dimensional analysis.

Algorithm Developments

Deep system understanding creates the basis for algorithm developments at Space Analyses. The logic of the system behaviour on one side and the use case of data analytics on the other side influences the logical approaches to develop the algorithm for the applications.

The team of Space Analyses includes experts in software development, infrastructure setup and operations. We are inspired by open-source frameworks and implement as much as possible in open-source code, working with Linux and Python.


Verification of big data and artificial intelligence results is a key requirement in system operations. Space Analyses combines traditional system verification methodologies with external and internal logical methods to ensure reliability of and trust in the results.